We Are Hockey4All

Hockey4all aims to give everyone the opportunity to not only skate and play hockey, but to spread general awareness of the sport we all love so much. Our team has traveled to over 20 countries in hopes of helping spread hockey and growing programs. Locally, our team also contributes to local communities and works with NHL (amongst other teams) on helping develop hockey through grass root programs.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Gear Donations
  • Coaching
  • Program and Community Development

We Have Strong Goals

Gear donations are one of the primary focuses of our organization. Our gear donations are both distributed locally within communities or overseas. Our aims are to help families, players, and other organizations who may not have the same means to acquiring gear.

Equipment Donations

Another great way to get involved in helping organization is just through direct donations and other fundraising efforts. On our “Causes” page we outline current projects we are working on and you can directly help out. Any and all donations are truly appreciated and go a long way to helping out!

Fundraising Number Chart

Besides our main focuses of helping programs develop by providing gear, expertise and whatever other help we can offer – We do a lot of coaching and helping players learn the game. Our focus is not only teaching the game of hockey but by bettering players on and off the ice through team sport.

Gear Donations

Donated Items
Helped People


"The San Diego Gulls are proud to partner with hockey4all to grow the sport of hockey at all levels in San Diego. Ryan and the Hockey4all family have made it a seamless partnership as we launched a used gear drive to collect and redistribute hockey equipment to broaden access to hockey in our community."
Melissa Werman
Manager, Community Relations at San Diego Gulls
"This letter serves as a testimonial for Ryan and Michaela Bahl from Hockey4All – they approached HOKISA via me and asked if they could do something nice for our children, in honor of Nelson Mandela Day, which is celebrated annually in South Africa and is a time to give back and do good for those less fortunate or privileged. Ryan and Michaela went all out to arrange an outing and experience for our HOKISA children that they will NEVER forget!"  
Executive Director, HOKISA South Africa
"Hockey4All was able to help us get gear through local donations and help develop our youth program. Our program has been continually growing and with the support of Hockey4All we continue to do so."
Fred Nelson
Hockey Director, Carlsbad Icetown

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