A Thank You Letter From HOKISA To H4A Foundation

To whom it may concern,

This letter serves as a testimonial for Ryan and Michaela Bahl from Hockey4All – they approached HOKISA via me and asked if they could do something nice for our children, in honor of Nelson Mandela Day, which is celebrated annually in South Africa and is a time to give back and do good for those less fortunate or privileged. Ryan and Michaela went all out to arrange an outing and experience for our HOKISA children that they will NEVER forget!

On Sunday 17 August 2014, we took a group of 20 children to the ice rink at Grand West – for most, their first experience on the ice! Ryan and Michaela welcomed us and had a wonderful afternoon of fun planned for us all. We proceeded to get our skates and have a short off ice lesson regarding safety. The kids could not wait to get on to the ice and try. It was immediately obvious that some were just naturals and before long were zooming around the ice – others needed more help and supervision. To the delight of some of the smaller kids, they were swooped up into Michaela’s arms and sped around the ice, getting a real feel of the beauty of skating. We spent a few hours skating and also enjoyed pizzas when we took a well needed rest. At the end of the day the children just wanted to hug Ryan and Michaela and asked “when can we come back and do this again?”

I would like to thank both Ryan and Michaela, for their excellent coordination of the outing and for planning so carefully. Thank you too, for the warmth, respect and understanding that was shown to our children and the work that we do…


Robyn Cohen
Executive Director
HOKISA – Homes for kids in South Africa
+27 21 785 7317
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